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Roof Top Computer Room Students Laboratory Dr Mori's Office Prof Tokeshi's Office Salon Sudents Room D Dr Nojima's Office Seminar Room Specimens Room Postgraduates Room Store Dark Room Small Laboratory Library
Main building (photo):
Laboratories (11), Seawater aquaria room, Students laboratory (capacity for 40), Seminar room, Library, Specimens room, Director's office, Administrative office,etc. Storage buildings, a pump house, a garage and a tank house in the adjacent land. Visitors can have an access to a desk and laboratory space with prior arrangement (please contact the Director).

Visitor's Lodge:
Situated on the hillside just above the main laboratory building, used mainly for students participating in field courses. Four western-type dormitories and two Japanese-type rooms, canteen, bath/toilets; caters for a maximum of 36.

Research Boat 'SERIOLA' (photo):
14tons (capacity for 37 people), FRP hull, main engine: diesel (70 hp x 2), sonar, GPS, radar, two small boats with outboard engines.

Research vehicle:
"Station Wagon" (Toyota HyluxSerf 2700)

Library (photo):
Major international journals in aquatic and ecological sciences, publications and reports from Japanese and foreign organizations (c.500), plus c.1500 Japanese and foreign books on related subjects.
Journals list

Specimens Room (photo):
The Laboratory houses numerous biological specimens (mainly of marine organisms, c. 9000 items) from southern Japan.

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