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Prof. Mutsunori TOKESHI  “nŒcŽŸ–r”Í  (Director of the Laboratory): tokeshi (atmark)

Research area: community ecology in genera; theory of community structure and species coexistence in aquatic and terrestrial systems

  • Community organization in multispecies systems, in particular empirical and theoretical studies of species abundance patterns
  • Biogeography of tropical and temperate assemblages (Amakusa, Yakushima Island, Sulawesi, Thailand)
  • Community structures of coastal marine systems in the tropical and subtropical Pacific (Indonesia, southern Japan, South America; intertidal and subtidal systems; mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, fish)
  • Analysis of river zoobenthos communities (collaboration with London University)
  • Community ecology of coral and mangrove systems of South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand) and South America (hermatypic and soft corals, echinoderms, sponges, fish, mangrove plants and associated insects)

Dr. Seiji ARAKAKI   VŠ_½Ži  (Assistant Professor): @arakaki (atmark)

  • Community structure of shallow water fish assemblages
  • Intertidal community ecology

Dr. NiNi Win   ƒj[ƒj[ƒEƒBƒ“  (Assistant Professor): @niniw (atmark)

  • Ecology, biogeography and taxonomy of brown algae
  • Intertidal community ecology

Kentaro TANAKA  “c’†Œ’‘¾˜Y  (Technician/Administrator):

Associated researchers

Dr. Makoto YOKO-O  ‰¡”ö ½  (Collaborative researcher): @yoko-o (atmark)

  • Plant-animal relationships in a subtropical maritime woodland
  • Ecology of mangrove arthropods

Dr. Takashi KAWAI  (Tokyo Kyuei Co.; formerly JSPS Research Fellow)@

  • Habitat use and coexistence in sessile filterers: mussels (Septifer) and goose barnacles (Capitulum)
  • Community ecology of seagrass beds

Dr. Neil Hutchinson (James Cook University, Singapore Campus; formerly JSPS Research Fellow) @

  • The impact of mobile marine predators on low shore community structure


Fumihiro Kato (PhD student) ‰Á“¡ŽjO   : fumihiro (atmark)@

  • Ecological relations among sessile benthos on subtropical rocky shores

Yumiko Osawa (PhD student) ‘åàV—T”üŽq   : yumosa (atmark)

  • Interspecific relations between Turbo and its epibionts

Taku Hotta (PhD student) –x“c‘ñ   : hottaku (atmark)

  • Community ecology of sandy and rocky shore assemblages

Tomomi Hamasaki (MSc student) à_è’q”ü   @

  • Algal-benthos relationships in the subtropical intertidal

Tsujita Tetsuya (MSc student) ’Ò“c“N–ç   @

  • Ecology of a commensal gastropod

Tsuyoshi Takafushi (PhD student) ‚•š@„   @

  • Relationship between body size and density in an invertebrate assemblage

Yukiko Yoshida (MSc student) ‹g“c—LŠìŽq   @

  • Ecology of sessile benthos on intertidal hard substrates


Katsuyuki Ishii (MSc 2014)

  • Dynamics of habitat structure and stony shore assemblages

Kazunari Suzuki (MSc 2013) @

  • Ecological linkage between habitat structure and stony shore assemblages

Camila Namie Tatsch Kikuchi (PhD pending) @

  • Phylogenitic relationships of sharks and community structure of coastal marine fishes

Jusak Ratundelang Pahlano Daud (PhD pending) @

  • Community ecology of coral-associated assemblage

Miyoko KURIMOTO (PhD obtained 2011) @

  • The effects of hermit crabs on the calcareous alga Corallina pilulifera
  • Monitoring of molluscs dynamic in intertidal area of subtropic island Iriomote

Takeshi Tanaka (MSc 2011) “c’†äŽm

  • Ecology of limpets on exposed rocky shores

Edgardo Londono Cruz (PhD2007) @

  • Community ecology of mobile molluscs

Dr Kazunori YAMAHIRA (PhD, 1996) (Niigata University)

  • The role of intertidal spawning on egg survival and the measurement of selection on the spawning tide level of the puffer Takifugu niphobles.

Machiko HIYAMA (MSc, 1996; doctoral research until 1998) (Fujitsu, Co)

  • Life history patterns of isopods associated with Sargassum seaweeds.

Shin'ya IWASHITA (MSc 2000) (Environmental Consultancy)

  • Patterns of resource utilization in intertidal hermit crabs.

Dr Hanny TIOHO (PhD, 2000) (Indonesia, Sam Ratulangi University)

  • A study on the life history characteristics of a scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis (Linnaeus) at high latitude (south-western Japan).

Dr Thamrin (PhD, 2001) (Indonesia, Riau University)

  • Reproductive biology of a scleractinian coral Alveopora japonica Eguchi.

Atsuko KADONO (MSc, 2000; doctoral research until 2002) (Fisheries Dept, Chiba Prefectural Goverment)

  • Microhabitat utilization in grazing gastropods on a stony shore.

Dr Naotomo OTA (JSPS Research Fellow)@ ota—

  • Ecological and ecophysiological mechanisms of coexistence in carnivorous marine gastropods
  • Biogeography and conservation biology of Western Pacific intertidal gastropods

Dr. Carolus PARUNTU (PhD, 2003) @

  • Intraspecific variability in Nerita (Gastropoda) 

Minako AZUMA (MSc student)@

  • Dynamics of tidepool plant/animal assemblages on a temperate rocky shore

Daniela MURAMATSU (JICA trainee) @

  • Ecology of corals and coral monitoring

Tomoaki HIRAKAWA (PhD student) @

  • Grazing effects of sea urchins in coral reef systems
  • Relationship between habitat structures and intertidal animal assemblages

Jun WATANABE (PhD student) @

  • Coexistence of intertidal acmaeid limpets

Aya MIYAZAKI  (MSc, 2004) @

  • Resource utlization in estuarine epifaunal/infaunal assemblages

Takaaki SAWADA (MSc student) @

  • Community ecology of macrobenthos in a river-estuarine ecotone

Kaori TOKIEDA   (BSc, 2003) @

  • Ecology of  grazing limpets in a stony intertidal habitat

Hiromi TANIGUCHI (PhD, 2005)

  • Experimental studies of habitat complexity and the diversity of stream insect assemblages

Yoko NOZAWA (PhD, 2006)

  • Establishment and maintenance of coral communities at high latitudes

Edgardo Londoño Cruz (PhD, 2007) @

  • Coexistence of mobile benthos on an intertidal boulder shore.

Andreas Kakaskasen Roeroe (MSc, 2006)

  • The ecology of seagrass - associated organisms

Taishin Maedomari (MSc, 2006)

  • The commensal relationship between Patteloida conulus and Batillaria cumingi

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