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Ecological and Evolutionary Perspectives

By M. Tokeshi,
Kyushu University and Queen Mary, University of London

As a novel endeavour in ecological science, this book of over 400 pages focuses on a major issue in organismal life on Earth, species coexistence. The book crosses the usual disciplinary boundaries between palaeobiology, ecology and evolutionary biology and provides a timely overview of the patterns and processes of species diversity and coexistence on a range of spatio-temporal scales. In this unique synthesis, a critical and penetrating examination of the concepts and models of coexistence and community structure is offered, thereby making a valuable contribution to the field of community ecology. There is an emphasis on clarity and accessibility without sacrificing scientific rigour, making this book suitable for both advanced students and individual researchers in ecology, palaeobiology and environmental and evolutionary biology.

Cover illustration: Tropical rainforest of Peninsular Malaysia, with over 100 coexisting tree species per hectare, which in turn harbour myriads of animal species.

The book has been adopted as a suitable text for upper undergraduate and graduate courses in universities in the UK, America and Japan. At the AMBL, students use it as one of the essential readings in community ecology.

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