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Yoko Nozawa @ (PhD student)

Research interests:

Coral biology, marine ecology in general, coastal management.

  • Formation and maintenance mechanisms of coral communities, with special reference to supply-side ecology.
  • Reproduction and recruitment processes of scleractinian coral species

Since 2001, I have been investigating the maintenance mechanisms of a high-latitude coral community in southern Amakusa (south-western Japan), about 70 km away from the AMBL. My investigation is focused on the following three aspects: (1) Mortality and growth rates of species with different colony-sizes, (2) competition for space among resident scleractinian coral species, with regard to three factors (species identity, species abundance and colony size) and (3) reproductrion and recruitment states of the high-latitude coral community of southern Amakusa.

Presentations :

  • The Ninth International Coral Reef Symposium, Bali, Indonesia, October 2000.

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