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Indeks STAF & MAHASISWA (Japanese)

Staf / Mahasiswa / Alumni


Prof Mutsunori TOKESHI (Direktur Laboratorium)

Research area: community ecology in genera; theory of community structure and species coexistence in aquatic and terrestrial systems

  • Community organization in multispecies systems, in particular empirical and theoretical studies of species abundance patterns
  • Biogeography of tropical and temperate assemblages (Amakusa, Yakushima Island, Sulawesi, Thailand)
  • Community structures of coastal marine systems in the tropical and subtropical Pacific (Indonesia, southern Japan, South America; intertidal and subtidal systems; mollusks, crustaceans, echinoderms, fish)
  • Analysis of river zoobenthos communities (collaboration with London University)
  • Community ecology of coral and mangrove systems of South East Asia (Indonesia, Thailand) and South Amrica (hermatypic and soft corals, echinoderms, sponges, fish, mangrove plants and associated insects)
  • Deep sea hydrothermal and non-hydrothermal communities (echinoderms, sponges, mollusks, tube worms, crustaceans, fish)

Dr Satoshi NOJIMA (Associate Professor)

  • Population and community dynamics of hermatypic corals
  • Functional roles of animal assemblages in tropical and temperate seagrass ecosystems
  • Ecology of echinoderms

Dr Keisuke MORI (Asisten Profesor)

  • Population dynamics of cirrepedes 
  • Community ecology of intertidal rocky shores 
  • Community structures and food webs on intertidal stony shores

Kentaro TANAKA (Sekretaris/Administrasi)

Teruo SAMESHIMA (Teksnisi/Boatman)

Kazuko OZAKI (Asisten Peneliti)


Dr Naotomo OTA (JSPS Research Fellow)

  • Ecological and ecophysiological mechanisms of coexistence in carnivorous marine gastropods
  • Biogeography and conservation biology of Western Pacific intertidal gastropods

Tomoaki HIRAKAWA (PhD student)

  • Grazing effects of sea urchins in coral reef systems
  • Relationship between habitat structures and intertidal animal assemblages

Jun WATANABE (PhD student)

  • Coexistence of intertidal acmaeid limpets

Takashi KAWAI (PhD student)

  • Habitat use and coexistence in sessile filterers: mussels (Septifer) and goose barnacles (Capitulum)
  • Community ecology of seagrass beds

Hiromi TANIGUCHI (PhD student)

  • Experimental studies of habitat complexity and the diversity of stream insect assemblages

Seiji ARAKAKI (PhD student)

  • Community organization of tide pool assemblages (particularly fish) on subtropical stony shores
  • Community ecology of fish in coral ecosystems

Carolus PARUNTU (PhD student)

  • Intraspecific variability in Nerita (Gastropoda) 

Yoko NOZAWA (PhD student)

  • Establishment and maintenance of coral communities at high latitudes

Makoto YOKO'O (PhD student) / webmaster @

  • Plant-animal relationships in a subtropical maritime woodland
  • Ecology of mangrove arthropods

Edgardo Londoño Cruz (PhD student)

  • Coexistence of mobile benthos on an intertidal boulder shore.

Minako AZUMA (MSc student)

  • Dynamics of tidepool plant/animal assemblages on a temperate rocky shore

Takaaki SAWADA (MSc student)

  • Community ecology of macrobenthos in a river-estuarine ecotone

Aya MIYAZAKI  (MSc student)

  • Resource utlization in estuarine epifaunal/infaunal assemblages

Kaori TOKIEDA   (BSc student)

  • Ecology of  grazing limpets in a stony intertidal habitat

Daniela MURAMATSU (JICA trainee)

  • Ecology of corals and coral monitoring


Dr Kazunori YAMAHIRA (PhD, 1996) (Niigata University)

  • The role of intertidal spawning on egg survival and the measurement of selection on the spawning tide level of the puffer Takifugu niphobles.

Machiko HIYAMA (MSc, 1996; doctoral research until 1998) (Fujitsu, Co)

  • Life history patterns of isopods associated with Sargassum seaweeds.

Shin'ya IWASHITA (MSc 2000) (Environmental Consultancy)

  • Patterns of resource utilization in intertidal hermit crabs.

Dr Hanny TIOHO (PhD, 2000) (Indonesia, Sam Ratulangi University)

  • A study on the life history characteristics of a scleractinian coral Pocillopora damicornis (Linnaeus) at high latitude (south-western Japan).

Dr Thamrin (PhD, 2001) (Indonesia, Riau University)

  • Reproductive biology of a scleractinian coral Alveopora japonica Eguchi.

Atsuko KADONO (MSc, 2000; doctoral research until 2002) (Fisheries Dept, Chiba Prefectural Goverment)

  • Microhabitat utilization in grazing gastropods on a stony shore.

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